Can a Dead Tree Have Green Leaves in Santa Rosa, CA?

If you’re worried about your tree, green leaves can feel like a good sign. Still, eventually, trees will die, even if we take good care of them. Whether the cause is due to disease, infection, or just age, you may be wondering, “Can a dead tree have green leaves?” 

Below, Empire Tree Experts, a Santa Rosa top-rated tree service, shares everything you need to know about dead and dying trees.

can a dead tree have green leaves

Can a Dead Tree Have Green Leaves?

Yes, there are times when green leaves on a dead tree are an anomaly arborists notice, but it doesn’t last too long. A sick tree may have green leaves despite its condition. 

With green leaves on a dying tree, you might want to investigate other signs to confirm that it’s really dying. A dead tree can have green leaves, but this doesn’t secure its future. Call an arborist, even if you see green leaves emerging.

Signs Your Tree May Be Dead (or Dying)

Can dead trees have greenery? A dead tree with green leaves may be misleading, so look out for the following as well:

Peeling Bark

Normally, a healthy tree has secure bark. When you try peeling it back, is it green underneath? If you notice that the bark on your tree is easy to peel and has no green growth on it, under it, or around it, it may be on a dying tree. 

On its own, a dead tree showing green foliage isn’t enough. If the bark is green, maybe it is a genuine sign of health.

Falling Branches

A tree with green leaves but dead branches may be decaying. Falling branches and leaves mean your tree cannot sustain the assets it has grown. 

Are you seeing more leaf litter around your tree outside of the fall season? Extra clutter collecting around your tree is unhealthy. The tree may need some human help.

What About a Leaning Tree Trunk?

Can a dead tree have green leaves? Is a tree dead or dying if it’s leaning? While a leaning tree may not be a healthy one, it’s best to have an arborist take a look before making assumptions. 

If your tree leans at quite an angle, the roots and structure might be weakening from disease or age. Out of all the signs of a decaying tree, a bad lean is one of the most severe and dangerous. A tree with root damage will fall, so don’t wait long to call for a tree health assessment or removal.

Learn More From Empire Tree Experts

Can a dead tree have green leaves? Working with local arborists like Empire Tree Experts will clear things up quickly and take your tree care knowledge even further. With years of handling lawns, trees, shrubbery, and more, our comprehensive services include the following and more:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree replanting
  • Tree pruning

Are dead, dying, or decaying trees a problem on your property? Empire Tree Experts can confirm the warning signs of falling trees or send a tree expert onto the scene for a tree health assessment. Call us at 707-521-2151 today!

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