Can a Tree Survive a Split Trunk in Santa Rosa, CA?

Trees are remarkably resilient life forms. Most outlive people and animals, and most are able to withstand weathering from the roughest of elements. But can a tree survive a split trunk?

There’s no one, universal, catch-all answer to this question. While such an injury doesn’t guarantee that your tree is doomed to die, it might be difficult to make the tree return to an ideal state of well-being. Furthermore, it might be difficult to determine if tree removal is the only viable course of action.

Is your tree worth saving, or able to be saved in the first place? If you’re having a difficult time determining the answer to that question, it might be time to consider calling Santa Rosa’s professional tree service contractor. Whether you need treatment or removal, they can do the work for you! 

can a tree survive a split trunk

Factors That Impact Split Trunk Tree Survival

Will your tree be able to survive a split trunk? If your trees are in trouble, there are mainly three factors that will impact your split trunk tree’s chances of survival.

1. The Extent of Physical Damage to the Trunks

Can a tree survive a split trunk? If the tree lost more than half of its canopy, as well as the majority of its main branches, then it’s most likely beyond saving. But if the vitals remain relatively intact, then tree treatment might be a viable option.

2. Living in an Area With Rapidly Shifting Temperatures

California is no stranger to harsh heat waves. Trunks can expand in this warmer weather, or be prone to crack under the pressure of cold fronts. Either way, this stress can lead to further cracks within the tree trunks.

3. Damage From Pests and/or Fungal Diseases

The invasion of bugs or wood-eating pests can cause more cracks in the split trunks. Invasive pests can also jeopardize the spread of vital nutrients throughout the tree. Likewise, invasive fungal infections can cut off this nutrient supply from the root, making it harder for the split to heal. 

Treatment for Split Trunk Trees: Split Trunk Tree Care

Can trees recover from split trunk damage? It depends. If the split trunk tree’s damage is severe enough, then there might be no saving it.

If the trunk has only experienced a minor split, a professional may be able to cut away the damaged portion and allow it to regrow. If the split is more significant, they may instead use a brace to support the missing section of the trunk while it heals. 

Empire Tree Experts Can Help With Healing Split Trunk Trees!

Still wondering, can a tree survive a split trunk? Empire Tree Experts are here for residential and commercial property owners in Santa Rosa. Before any services are performed, we can arrange a free estimate to determine the best course of action for your split trunk tree. 

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