How To Straighten a Leaning Tree in Santa Rosa, CA

Are the trees on your residential or commercial property looking a little lopsided? Is a large tree on your premises beginning to lean more than you think it should? If so, you might be wondering how to straighten a leaning tree.

Fortunately, a tree leaning isn’t always indicative of severe issues. However, whether mild or severe, leaning trees can look aesthetically displeasing. If the tree is young, this can also cause growth issues later down the line. 

The good news is that Empire Tree Experts, your certified tree specialist in Santa Rosa, is just a phone call away. We can help you determine whether your leaning tree is dangerous and how to straighten it for a more beautiful tree and safer property.

how to straighten a leaning tree

Why Do Trees Lean?

The primary culprit for tilting trees is typically extreme weather. Strong winds and turbulent storms can forcefully shake the tree from its original position. If you’re lucky, you won’t have a tree with a split trunk; it’ll simply sway.

While trimming can help with uneven branches, straightening a leaning tree often requires a more extensive approach.

How To Respond When Young Trees Lean

When learning how to straighten a leaning tree, it’s important to consider whether it’s an older or younger tree. Younger trees are typically easier to straighten. For instance, if the area around your young tree is wet, then it should be easier for an arborist to realign it into place.

A root system needs a healthy supply of water to thrive. If the soil around the tree is dry, use a garden hose to water it. After that, an arborist can realign the tilted tree by:

  • Staking two to three posts into the ground at around 45 degrees
  • Ensuring the stakes aren’t too close to the tree’s roots
  • Carefully pushing the tree, applying careful, steady pressure
  • Repositioning the tree carefully upright, if necessary
  • Realigning soil gently to further support and stabilize the tree
  • Waiting for the tree to stabilize in a new position

Straightening Older Trees With a Lean

It can typically take a few months for a younger tree to realign. However, older trees may take a few years to straighten out with proper staking and strapping.  Here’s how a professional arborist will help straighten a mature tree:

  • They use heavier stakes to put the tree in the correct position: Arborists must place these stakes further away, and deeper too, about 18 inches.
  • They might strap it to another tree: Strapping a leaning tree to another mature, upright tree can help stabilize it.
  • They remove potential safety hazards: Sometimes, a leaning mature tree is too dangerous to let standing, in which case an arborist will remove it.

Need To Straighten Your Santa Rosa Trees? Call The Empire Tree Experts

When it comes to learning how to straighten a leaning tree, it’s always best to just leave it to the professionals. 

At Empire Tree Experts, we’ve served Santa Rosa and Sonoma County for several years. Whether you have tilted trees or trees with split trunks, we can help. Connect with a member of our team today by calling 707-521-2151

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