When Do You Need a Tree Removal Permit in Santa Rosa, CA?

Santa Rosa requires a tree removal permit to ensure environmental safety and protection of heritage trees. However, not every tree requires a permit. Before removing a tree on your property or county-owned land, read the following and comply with legal requirements.

The tree removal experts in Santa Rosa, CA, at Empire Tree Experts can help you determine whether you need a permit and help you through the paperwork to guarantee legal tree removal. If you need help removing a tree, contact our team today.

Trees That Require a Permit for Removal 

Regardless of their location, some trees always require a tree permit. Even when a tree grows on your land, following the laws remains essential to protect the environment from harm. These laws dictate which tree you can cut down and under what circumstances.

To understand which trees require a removal permit, continue reading.

Heritage Trees

Some trees, called heritage trees, have a special cultural or historical significance and require approval before removal or other tree work. Heritage trees can exist on your property or county land. Some trees native to the region and considered heritage trees are as follows:

  • Live oaks
  • Big leaf maples
  • Red alder
  • Douglas fir
  • Buckeye

The above lists some protected tree species, but research your specific tree before removal. Unless the trees prove exempt, a tree removal permit is required for all trees over four inches in diameter.

Scenic Road Trees

Any tree, whether exempt or not, requires a permit when located within 50 feet of a scenic route. To get your permit granted, you must prove that removing the tree will not harm the appearance of the road or that the tree appears dangerous and unsafe.

You must request approval for new development within 100 feet of a scenic road. The trees must not significantly impact the scenery, whether exempt or not.

Trees That Do Not Require a Permit 

Some trees, specifically non-native or invasive, do not require a removal permit. The city considers the following trees exempt:

  • Acacias
  • Fruit trees
  • Monterey pine
  • Poplar
  • Silver maple

However, a county or street tree requires permission regardless of size and species. Some trees become exempt due to their location, such as for fire safety requirements.

How to Get a Tree Removal Permit 

To request approval for your residential or county tree removal, you must complete the appropriate paperwork and find a suitable tree company to help you. The right company will gain approval for you, streamlining the process and making it easier.

Typically, the city will request your reason for removal, the health of the tree, and its significance before providing approval.

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