Understanding the Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

DIY tree removal might seem like a simple, straightforward task. However, it is a lot more complex and requires plenty of experience and expertise to execute correctly and safely.

Before attempting to remove a tree yourself, there are several dangers you must be aware of.

This article will look at some of these dangers, highlighting why consulting a professional arborist from Santa Rosa’s tree trimming company is always best.

The Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

Tree removal involves more than chopping down a tree by hitting its base with an axe and letting it fall. You will need to factor in several crucial risks.

Below are some of the risks involved in DIY tree removal:

Climbing Ladders

Before removing a tree, you will first need to cut down its damaged branches, and doing so will require you to climb a ladder.

Though this might seem easy, climbing a ladder while holding a chainsaw is extremely dangerous. Missing one step or losing your balance could result in multiple injuries.

Using the Wrong Tools

Using wrong or malfunctioning tools can expose you to serious risks. Improper tools like blunt axes or chainsaws make it easy for you to make mistakes.


Making accurate calculations is a vital aspect of DIY tree removal. You have to be able to analyze the height and angles you cut correctly. This analysis will help you determine the precise location the tree will fall.

Any miscalculation can cause you to cut the tree incorrectly, increasing the risk of the tree destroying property or severely injuring people when it falls.

Electric Shocks

Overgrown trees located close to power lines are extremely risky to cut down.

Most people believe that the black coating on the power lines is protective insulation. However, this coating simply protects the cables from weather elements. If the tree or your tools hit the power line, it can cause a power outage.

In extreme cases, you could end up suffering electric shocks.

Dead or Decaying Wood

The tree can have decaying wood that will make the DIY tree removal a lot trickier.

If you are unaware of the decay, you could miscalculate the tree’s center of gravity and its fall zone.

Dangerous Debris

At times, loose branches could fall off as you remove the tree, which might damage property or hurt people. As such, you will need to manage them carefully.

However, this will be challenging, especially if the tree you are removing is already dead.

Professional Tree Removal in Santa Rosa, CA

The best way to avoid the dangers of DIY tree removal is to reach out to licensed arborists. They will have the training, experience, tools, and safety equipment needed to safely and correctly remove the tree from your property.

Are you searching for such a company? Contact Empire Tree Experts today at 707-521-2151 for dependable services. On top of helping you understand the dangers of DIY tree removal, we can also help you learn the benefits of tree trimming and the role it plays in your tree’s healthy growth.

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