Algae on Trees: Should You be Concerned?

Many trees experience algal growth that many homeowners find concerning. Many believe algae negatively impacts their trees’ health and leaves them vulnerable to diseases, pests, and other adverse elements. However, there are several misconceptions surrounding algae on trees, making it difficult to determine if you need to remove them or leave them be.

That’s why Empire Tree Experts is here to explain more about algae and their effect on trees.

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algae on trees

What Causes Algae Growth on Trees?

Algae thrive in moist environments and often form along tree trunks, branches, and leaves. They typically develop along the shady side of the tree’s trunk, while lichen and moss tend to grow on the side facing the wind. Once algae take hold of the tree, they create an orange or green powdery substance that many Santa Rosa homeowners find unattractive.

Although unhealthy trees are more susceptible to algae growth, they can form on healthy young trees as well. 

Can Algae Harm Trees?

While algae can impact a tree’s visual appeal, they aren’t detrimental to its health. Many people believe algae can harm trees since colonies are more prevalent in declining trees than in healthy, vigorous ones. However, overcrowding branches, overwatering, and poor-draining soil can harm trees while making favorable growing conditions for algae. 

How To Prevent Algae Growth on Trees: Two Tips

Regular tree maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent green growth on trees. Not only will it reduce algae, but it will also hinder lichen and moss growth, keeping the tree looking beautiful and pristine. Here are a few tips to prevent algae on trees.

Prune Regularly

Pruning overcrowded tree limbs will increase air circulation and help reduce moisture that promotes algae growth. Although algae need sunlight to thrive, excess sunlight can dissipate moisture and hinder growth in warm conditions.

Plant Trees in Well-Draining Soil

Since algae grow in excessively damp conditions, planting trees in well-draining soil will prevent flooding and reduce moisture. It will also impede root rot, which can kill trees over time. Improving soil drainage will have several positive environmental impacts as well, so always avoid planting trees in compact, poor-draining soil.

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