8 Warning Signs of a Falling Tree You Should Know

Do you know the warning signs of a falling tree? In this post, Empire Tree Experts, Santa Rosa’s expert tree removal specialists, explain what to look for in dead or dying trees. While there are other hazards, these are particularly urgent because a tree can cause extensive damage when it falls. 

warning signs of a falling tree

1. Leaning

Sometimes trees lean a little as they grow older as a natural reaction to light wind or looking for light. It’s when this is a new development or after strong winds that you should worry. If the angle is greater than 15°, call the pros urgently, as the tree can topple at any minute.  

2. Many Dead Branches

Several dead limbs are one of the signs that your tree is in serious trouble and dying. If you see lots of twigs and branches on the ground, these are warning signs of a falling tree.  

3. Hollows in the Trunk

When you hear about a hollow in a tree, it’s natural to think back to pleasant childhood fairytales. In a living tree, though, the story takes a nightmarish turn because hollows usually mean rotted wood. 

4. Abnormal Growths on the Bark

Mushrooms are another reminder of the fairy rings we heard about growing up. Again, mushrooms and other fungi on a tree or around its base can signal its death. The fungus causes the underlying wood to rot, slowly killing the tree and destroying its structural integrity. 

5. Missing Bark

Some trees shed their bark naturally as they age. If yours isn’t one of this type, don’t panic just yet. Trees can recover if they lose a little bark here or there. It does make them more vulnerable to disease and pests, though, so consider calling an arborist or at least monitor things carefully. If the bark comes off in sheets, your tree is in big trouble. 

6. Damage to Tree Roots

Lifting or exposed roots are a sure sign that the tree is toppling over. You should also keep watch for fungus around the base of the tree. 

7. Premature Leaf Fall

In fairness, there are a lot of reasons that a tree might lose its leaves prematurely, and many are non-fatal. If, however, you notice this symptom in conjunction with any of the other signs here, there’s a good chance the tree is dying.

8. Cracks in the Trunk

Trees are resilient, but they battle to recover from a vertical split in the trunk. An arborist may be able to save the tree if they cable or bolt it together, but they need to come in early on. 

This condition is different from a tree that has more than one trunk, but the results are similar if these split. One side may pull away until it falls over. 

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