Should I Cut Down a Tree Close to My House?

As a homeowner, you hesitate to cut down that towering tree on your property, especially if it looks perfectly healthy. But several cues can make you ask the question, “Should I cut down a tree close to my house?” Throughout our tree removal services in Santa Rosa, CA, our crew at Empire Tree Experts has helped countless homeowners answer this question. 

Read on to find out when you should have a nearby tree removed. 

should i cut down a tree close to my house

Does the Tree Look Diseased or Stressed?

Just like people, trees can get sick, sustain injuries, or become stressed out. Bacteria, fungi, and insects can severely deplete a tree’s immunity. Open wounds leave the tree even more susceptible to infections. 

These health issues, as well as a lack of natural resources, cause the trees immense stress. A tree plagued by these problems will have dying or leafless branches, rotting trunks, or fungal growth. A diseased or distressed tree is a dangerous tree with structural damage. It could eventually fall on your home. 

How Close to My House is the Tree?

Sadly, even perfectly healthy trees can cause property damage. Although most healthy trees can withstand storms, exceptionally strong winds or lightning strikes can spell the healthiest tree’s end. If a tree grows too close for comfort, you should consider tree removal. 

Most trees should grow a minimum of 20 feet away from a building, as should the branches closest to your home. Older trees have wider and taller trunks that can more easily reach the roof of your home. Once a tree’s width or height grows past a 20-foot boundary, consult with a tree removal expert to avoid potential damage.  

Does the Tree Exhibit Aggressive Root Growth?

Some trees have invasive roots that stretch further and further toward your home. A root system actively grows toward water sources to secure resources for the tree. What does this mean for you? 

It means your healthy tree could progressively encroach on your house’s subterranean plumbing system or foundation. Many homeowners have no idea that their strong, beautiful trees are secretly tackling their home from below. But a tree service company can help you decide whether or not you should take action. 

Should I Cut Down a Tree Close to My House?

“Should I cut down a tree close to my house?” you ponder as you regard your forgotten chainsaw in the darkest corner of your garage. No, you should not cut down any tree by yourself. A nearby tree that presents a potential threat to your home is also dangerous to you. 

After gathering sufficient evidence that the tree is a looming threat, consult with a tree service provider to determine the safest course of action. 

Let Empire Tree Experts Safely Remove the Tree

“Should I cut down a tree close to my house?”If you already have your suspicions, you should probably take a proactive approach. Choose a safe route that involves our professional tree removers at Empire Tree Experts rather than engaging hazardous DIY tree removal. Call us at (707) 521-2151 to request a free estimate. 

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