Can a Power Company Cut Trees on My Property in Santa Rosa, CA?

“Can a power company cut trees on my property?”

can a power company cut trees on my property

The issue of private property and power lines comes up more often than you might think. In this post, Empire Tree Experts, Santa Rosa’s expert tree removal service, answers that question in greater detail. 

The Short Answer 

Utility companies can usually engage in tree trimming if trees are endangering their lines. This applies to lines on the street or those that connect your home. 

While the regulations differ in each state, most power companies are responsible when the lines cross over private property. 

They Need Your Permission

Here’s the kicker: even though they can prune trees on your property under the right circumstances, they have procedures to follow. Most will still contact the homeowner and get permission first. 

The companies will usually have an easement in place to avoid nastiness. This is where they can enter private property to do their job, so asking permission is a courtesy. However, depending on the state, they must usually notify you of their intention of tree removal or pruning. 

So, you should never come home and have to ask, “Can a power company cut trees on my property?” because a contractor showed up out of the blue. 

What to Do if the Power Company Wants to Cut Your Trees

Your first step is to go to your assessor’s office and check the easement boundaries. These are usually up to 8 feet from the curb, depending on the area. If the tree falls in this area, there’s not much you can do.   

If it’s outside that area, you should see how badly the tree interferes with the lines. If it causes an issue, the company will have permission to cut it. 

Can You Trim the Trees? 

One reason that homeowners dislike leaving things to the power company is that they don’t always do a pleasing job. While it’s their responsibility to keep this area neat, there’s no law against you taking proactive action. 

However, if you’re tempted to do the job yourself, please don’t. Working in close proximity to the lines is dangerous. One wrong move can send the branches crashing onto the lines, causing a break. 

Not only does this put everyone near the live cable at risk, but it also causes a severe power outage. You’ll be very unpopular with your neighbors, and the utility provider will probably sue for damages. 

Make the smart choice and hire professionals to do the heavy lifting. We not only have the requisite experience, but we also have the safety gear and heavy machinery you’ll need. Sit back, relax, and let us handle this issue for you. 

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