Here’s What To Do About Girdling Roots

Girdling roots can wreak havoc on even the healthiest Santa Rosa trees. They prevent trees from obtaining water and nutrients, slowly killing them over time. Fortunately, homeowners can resolve girdling roots and nurse their trees back to health using various treatments and tree care methods.

Our team at Empire Tree Experts created a brief guide explaining how to treat girdling roots before they adversely affect your trees.

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What Are Girdling Roots?

Girdling roots are destructive root systems that wrap around a tree’s trunk. They act as a noose and restrict the tree’s nutrients and water intake, putting its health at severe risk. They can form above and below the soil surface and slowly kill the tree over time.

Trees develop stem-girdling roots for several reasons. However, the most common causes include:

  • Planting trees too deep, forcing the roots to grow upward to search for air and water
  • Planting trees in small spaces, preventing their root systems from expanding outward
  • Failing to loosen circling roots before planting trees in containers

Symptoms of Girdling Roots in Santa Rosa, California

Since most tree roots grow underground, identifying girdling roots isn’t always easy. However, most trees display warning signs once they develop circling roots. If any of the following sounds familiar, your tree likely has girdling roots:

  • The tree’s canopy looks thin.
  • The tree’s leaves drop or alter color before fall.
  • The tree’s canopy features several leafless, dead branches.
  • The trunk doesn’t flare and looks like a pole placed in the ground.

How To Resolve Girdling Root

Treating girdling roots early will diminish their impact and allow the tree to recover. Removing the damaging roots will restore the tree’s nutrient and water intake while allowing it to grow a healthier root system. Carefully prune any roots wrapped around the trunk and other circling roots restricting the root system.

However, it’s important to note that pruning girdling roots incorrectly can severely damage the tree and even cause it to die. It’s best to contact a certified arborist to prune the roots for you and ensure a safe and efficient process.

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