What You Need to Know About Crown Reduction Pruning in Santa Rosa, CA

If trees on your land get too big, they could pose serious problems. Pruning is an essential tree care service that helps foster healthy tree growth around properties. Techniques like crown reduction pruning are often necessary for big plants. 

Before contacting a tree trimming company in Santa Rosa, California, learn more about trimming back tree crowns and the benefits of the service in the post below.

crown reduction pruning

What Is Canopy Reduction Pruning?

Crown or canopy reduction pruning is just one of the tree health best practices. It’s a technique for decreasing a tree canopy’s size to keep it from encroaching into unwanted spaces.

The crown size reduction process involves strategically cutting certain branches in and around the tree’s upper area. Before qualified arborists start pruning to reduce tree canopy size, they consider the plant’s species, age, and other factors. Any cut will cause stress to the tree so tree care experts do their best to plan their cuts before pruning anything. 

Is Crown Reduction the Same as Tree Topping?

People often assume tree topping and crown reduction pruning are synonymous, but they’re not. Tree topping doesn’t use strategic cuts that promote the health of a tree the same way canopy reduction pruning does. Instead, tree services simply cut down the top of a tree which results in an unattractive, stubby appearance around the tree’s canopy.

Reasons to Schedule Professional Crown Thinning and Reduction

If you’re unsure if crown reduction pruning is right for your property’s trees, consider these common reasons to get the service. 

Tree Health Improvement

When arborists prune trees, they first target diseased, dead, or dying branches. By eliminating these limbs, the tree can spread its resources to healthier areas and sprout new branches. Dead branches also attract pests that could harm or infest the tree, so getting rid of them is necessary to ensure the tree thrives. 

Enhanced Landscape Visuals

With the right planning and execution, crown pruning will make trees look better. It enhances the plant’s beauty, allows more sunlight to pass through its leaves and branches, and creates a balanced look that complements your landscape.

Better Property Safety

Crown pruning is so strategic that it also targets overly heavy branches, even if they’re relatively healthy. Sometimes, heavy tree limbs put undue stress on the plant. Removing them fosters healthy growth and minimizes the risk of the heavy limbs breaking off during a storm and falling onto your property. 

Falling branches is also a serious problem when you don’t prune dead branches from trees. Dead and dying limbs are weaker, so they’re more likely to break and fall on a stormy or windy day. If a branch falls on your car, home, or a person, it can cause significant damage. 

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