How to Repair a Cracked Tree Trunk

You should take great care of your tree’s trunk as it plays an integral role in the tree’s aesthetic appeal and overall well-being. A common problem you’ll have to deal with is cracking, which can result from many factors, including extreme weather conditions. 

Split trunks can result in serious issues for the tree and, even worse, death. Luckily, you can easily fix a cracked trunk and not have to worry about removing the entire tree. In this blog post, the professional team offering trusted tree removal in Santa Rosa will teach you how to repair a cracked tree trunk and keep your tree growing healthy and beautiful again. 

how to repair a cracked tree trunk

Reattaching Broken Branches

Broken branches are a common cause of tree trunk damage. If the branch appears to be in good shape, you don’t have to get rid of it. Instead, you can reattach it using duct tape. 

The tape will hold the broken branch in place until it fully attaches to the tree. You’ll save the branch from dying and promote faster healing of the damaged trunk. 

During the reattachment process, ensure the branch is in the right direction since nutrient supply occurs in a single direction only. Incorrect reattachment can mean a lack of nutrients in the branch and eventual death. 


An experienced arborist will hardly speak about how to repair a cracked tree trunk without mentioning bolting. You can do this by drilling at least three holes through the split section and inserting steel rods or bolts through it. 

Ensure you use large washers around the end of the bolts. This helps provide a larger surface area for a more robust support.  

Removing the Tree’s Wound

You can also repair a split tree trunk by getting rid of the wound entirely. You’ll need to remove the bark edges before cutting the wound. This will help the tree heal better and much faster. 

Also, you’ll help your tree transport vital nutrients and promote proper growth. If you’re not confident about doing this task yourself, you’re better off calling a certified arborist for help. 

Cabling And Bracing

If any tree in your backyard has severe damage, it’s crucial to consider cabling and bracing to fix the splitting tree trunk. This technique is not only about repairing the tree but also about preventing dangerous situations, such as when a tree falls on your neighbor’s house. The use of cables and brackets supports a tree with a weak trunk and ensures safety for your property and surrounding areas.

First, you need to have a qualified arborist assess your tree to see if cabling and bracing can fix the damage. If this method works, the arborist will set up the cables and brackets to help support the tree’s weight and prevent further damage. 

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