When Do Trees Go Dormant in Santa Rosa, CA?

To care for your trees, you need to understand various seasonal changes in tree activity, especially the tree dormancy period. But when do trees go dormant?

The deciduous tree dormancy season usually starts in the early winter weeks. In this blog post, Empire Tree Experts, a trusted provider of professional tree removal in Santa Rosa, takes a deeper look into the dormant state of trees to help you take good care of them during this period. 

when do trees go dormant

What’s the Importance of Winter Dormancy in Trees?

Dormancy helps your backyard trees stay alive during the cold winter months. When trees become dormant, they shed all their leaves to minimize water loss during winter. But remember, leaves help trees capture sunlight to manufacture their food through photosynthesis. For this reason, before allowing the leaves to drop, your trees will re-absorb resources from them. They’ll reutilize these resources in the spring to promote new growth. 

You can force your tree not to go into dormancy by keeping it indoors and ensuring favorable temperature and light conditions. Sadly, this will often do more harm than good to the tree. Your tree’s lifespan can be significantly reduced if you don’t allow it to go dormant for a couple of months. 

How To Help Your Tree Transition Into Dormancy

When do trees go dormant? Now that you know the answer, you can take several measures to help your trees transition into the dormancy period.

Ensure the trees have sufficient water before the dormant season arrives. We usually recommend watering the area around the trunk to the extent of the longest branches. It’s best to use a soaker hose and water deeply and infrequently. You should pay more attention to younger trees to ensure they have a robust root system before they go dormant.

You also need to mulch your trees properly before the temperatures start to drop. The mulch helps insulate the soil and promote favorable conditions for root development. Be sure to leave a small buffer between the trunk and the mulch to prevent rot. 

Not All Trees Go Dormant During the Winter!

Evergreen trees don’t undergo the winter dormancy period like their deciduous counterparts. Nonetheless, the trees may shed some of the needles a few years after maturing or if the tree has stress due to various conditions. 

Why the Dormancy Period Is Perfect for Tree Maintenace 

The dry ground and absence of foliage will give you an easier time when assessing and inspecting your trees. Also, pruning your trees during the dormancy season reduces the risk of disease and pest infestations. Generally, you won’t worry about disrupting your tree’s growth, and this encourages healthier growth when the temperatures start to rise again. 

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