Why Are Branches Falling Off My Tree?

Trees lose their branches for different reasons. Poor health often comes to mind when a tree loses its limbs, but some do that as an adaptive mechanism. Ever wonder why are branches falling off my tree? How can I prevent falling branches?  

In this post, we answer some questions you might be asking yourself about your tree, as advised by Santa Rosa’s expert tree trimming team.  

Causes of Branch Loss  

Tree branches constantly grow and shed leaves, flowers, and fruits as a normal part of their lifecycle. However, several things can cause trees to lose their branches prematurely:  

  • Heavy winds  
  • Insects  
  • Ice and snow  
  • Disease  
  • Poor care and maintenance  
  • Aging  
  • Undesirable location  

Sometimes, trees lose branches because of a combination of factors. For example, aging trees develop thicker barks and lose their flexibility, increasing their susceptibility to branch loss.   

Always look out for warning signs of an issue with your tree. Leafless, dead, or discolored branches point to a potential health issue you must address sooner rather than later. You also want to remove fallen branches from your lawn before too long, as they can cause additional problems. 

Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome   

Your tree seems to have no issue, then one day, disaster strikes without warning, prompting the question, “Why are branches falling off my tree?” When a seemingly healthy tree loses its branches for no apparent reason, sudden branch drop syndrome (SBDS) may be to blame.   

This affects most types of trees, particularly aging ones, and it usually occurs during warm weather. Unfortunately, SBDS has no known cause. So, your best bet at reducing its potential dangers is to invest in preventive maintenance.   

Regular tree inspections and proper pruning help to support good tree health and minimize potential hazards from unexpected falling limbs.  

Protecting Your Trees  

Consider the following preventive tree measures to help minimize the risk of branches falling off:  

  • Tree trimming and pruning: Regular tree pruning and trimming keeps branches uniform, reducing the likelihood of breaking off unexpectedly and causing injuries or property damage.  
  • Check the roots: Healthy trees rely on strong roots as their foundation. Poor root structures can cause huge branches, even entire trees, to fall. Unfortunately, roots run underground, making it challenging for the average homeowner to assess their tree’s health. It is also important to look out for girdling roots, a condition where the roots wrap around the trunk and hinder the tree’s growth and stability. 

If you suspect an issue with your trees or need help keeping them healthy, consult a professional arborist. Any reputable tree care company will have an arborist that can develop a proper tree maintenance schedule.  

why are branches falling off my tree

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